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During this time, there are a number of changes to our normal working patterns.  Please appreciate the phone lines will be very busy, and we will try to return your call as soon as possible. 

Please do not enter the practice if you have any respiratory symptoms or a fever, this is to protect you, our staff, the medical staff and the community, we need to prevent spread of this virus

When you contact the practice for an appointment/query, the receptionist will take your number and she will send a message to one of the doctors.  The doctor will either contact you back or we will get the receptionist to contact you. If the doctor contacts you, this may be on a private number, so please answer your phone.  Depending on your symptoms the doctor will decide whether you are to be seen in the practice and will give you a time to attend, or may give you advice on how to manage your condition at home. 

If you are offered an appointment, please attend alone, unless you are attending with your sick child.  Please ring the practice when you are in your car outside the practice and we will call you to enter the practice when the doctor is ready.


Prescription renewal: As our phones are extremely busy, we would appreciate if you could email your prescription request to, please state your: name, date of birth, medicines you need and what pharmacy you attend, at the end of each day your prescription will be sent to your pharmacy. Please do not include your address in any form as this will invalidate the request due to GDPR.

Medical certificates:

                     a. Doctor certificate for employers: we will email these to you, please make sure you have a                            valid email address.

                     b. Social welfare medical certificates relating to COVID 19, will be processed by the practice                               on line, but you will need to contact the social welfare department at 1890 800 024 for the                           illness benefit booklet, which needs to be completed and sent to the Department of                                    Social Welfare.

                     c. Social welfare certificates relating to other illnesses

                                          i. If you on illness benefit already, your social welfare certificate will be                                                                 processed by the practice on line, you do not need to attend the practice for                                                       these.  

                                          ii. If this is a first social welfare certificate to an unrelated COVID 19 illness, we will                                                process it on line and will send you the Illness benefit form.

Useful information:

                     - About COVID-19

                     - Advice re self-isolation

                    Hand hygiene 

                    The importance of social distancing

Thank you for your patience at this difficult time

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