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Services >> Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening

This involves a simple ultrasound test. It is offered to men aged 65y -79y of age, who attend Woodview family Doctors, as part of an approved research initiative.


What is an AAA?

The aorta is the main vessel carrying blood around your body. In some people, especially older men, the wall of the aorta gradually weakens and starts to expand.


Is an AAA serious?

Large AAA are rare, but can be very serious. As the aorta expands it can burst, and the person usually dies. Small/medium sized AAA are not as dangerous, and a consultant vascular surgeon will monitor it.


Is Screening for AAA important?

Most people with AAA have no symptoms. A simple painless ultrasound scan of your tummy will tell if you have an AAA. We are screening men only, as AAA are six times more common in men than women. Ruptured AAA mostly happens to men. You also are more likely to have an AAA if you smoke, have high blood pressure or your parent, brother or sister had an AAA.

How common are AAA?


Approximately 1 in 25 men, aged 65y-79y, have an AAA.


What do I do next? How can I arrange the ultrasound scan?


If you would like more information, or want to take part in this initiative please make an appointment with your GP. Your GP will provide you with more information about the ultrasound scan.


Will the scan pick up other problems, and is it reliable?


The scan is very reliable at picking up AAA. It does NOT pick up other problems (like bowel cancer). There are no risks from the scan.


What should I do now?


If you would like to discuss this with your GP please make a special appointment.

You can also find more information about AAA online:

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